The Day After

Doesn’t suck as bad, and I’ve finally been able to wear a bra an entire day without it giving me utter fantods – sometimes a little compression is a *good* thing.

Met with oncologist and radiation therapist today… a different radiation therapist than the one for mom, as it turns out, but she seems very good. I suppose it’s one way to get tattoos – I’ll get three; one on each flank and one dead center to help with alignment for the treatment. That’s months off yet, though… it seems the order will be surgery, chemo (and everyone’s assuming chemo at this point, though it will depend on the pathology report), radiation, and adjuvant therapy. If I choose the last.

Lots of folks who knew me from when I was in with mom, which was both good and strange. Deja vu all over again…

Pathology results are expected back tomorrow. That’s my self set deadline for telling the parents as well, the return of the pathology report – if it’s bad news, I want the chance to freak out by myself first; if it’s “good”, or what passes for that these days, I’ll be in a better frame of mind to break it to them.

I’m trying to get things done while I still can. Setting up a care schedule online – currently using ‘CareRunner’ as a test, but if anyone knows of any other good (better!) programs for managing care,  please let me know. My hope is to find something I can set up with tasks I might need done (laundry, trash, mowing, mail, meals, rides, etc), and let people pick off the whatever fits their schedule, interests, and abilities. The ideal would have automatic weekly/daily/monthly settings, so I could set a task to repeat every ‘X’ number of days.

Suggestions or volunteers to test out the CareRunner site are welcome…. I’m curious as to how it will work in reality, and I’ve a limited time to get my act together.

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2 Responses to The Day After

  1. Fuzzy says:

    >I know of know sites like Carerunner, but I am ready willing and able to participate. Rock on Meg.

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