Here’s the relevant bit of the ultrasound report

“Left breast ultrasound was performed demonstrating an approximately 19 x 15 x 20 mm hypoechoic trilobed malignant appearing mass at 9:30 to 10:00, 1 cm from the nipple. The coarse chunky calcification seen in association with this mass on the mammogram can also be seen by ultrasound. The mass appears to be somewhat lobulated and macronodular. It is highly concerning and likely represents an invasive breast cancer. The remainder of the left breast was evaluated and is overall unremarkable. ( I think it’s quite remarkable, thank you very much) Left axillary lymph nodes are identified and have a normal internal architecture by ultrasound. Heterogeneous and amorphous calcifications noted superior to the palpable mass on the mammogram could be identified with ultrasound. These are randomly scattered and located at about 11:00, 3 cm out from the nipple. They are associated with minimally dilated ducts which are embedded in dense echogenic fibroglandular tissue by sonogram. These calcifications and the appearance of the surrounding parenchyma would be more consistent benign fibrocystic changes than DCIS.”

That “hypoechoic trilobed malignant appearing mass “? It’s bigger now, and definitely malignant.

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