Out, out, damned spot!

In ten hours, more or less, I should be lump free – and I’ll not be sad to see the back of it. Lovely send off supper & gathering last night, the very best of folks around me – and there’s a whole new palpable section of tumor. It prickles as it grows, all pins and needles, pushing back the boundaries in the search for lebensraum. Three and a half weeks, and my! how you’ve grown!

Out, out, damned spot!

and so it shall be.

Here’s something utterly strange – in that very first ultrasound image from the 22nd, clear as day, there’s a grinning skull in the tumor’s midst.

Look! Look and see!

Not for very much longer…. you had your cake, you had your stirrup cup, and now, little nasty, you are gone, daddy, gone.

and I’ll be back, I’ll be back, just as soon as I’m able.

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