Hey now, I’m a rockstar!

As of yesterday, I can fully extend my arms out to my sides, and bring them – *slowly!* – all the way up over my head. Yes, I’m proud.

I may put it on my resume.

And, as of this morning, the Tegaderm patch under my arm – which was most irritating, btw – came off. The top edge had come loose in the shower, and rather than leave it on any longer when it wasn’t really doing its job, I peeled it back and off. Down to steri-strips there.

The other Tegaderm is intact, and I’ll leave it until it starts to fail, or becomes too irritating – it’s a little bit scarier to peel back that bandage and see what lies underneath. Starting to get some feedback pain from that incision, sudden sharp stabbing pains which come and go quickly, and which I’m taking as a Good Sign of things healing. Nothing I need ‘pain management’ for – I’ve only taken the one pill so far, the first night, and I’m hoping to keep it that way.

Still pretty easily tired – stamina is NOT in my vocabulary as of yet – and spending most of my time reading and dozing in bed. I need to start working on managing the house repairs (always nagging at the back of my mind), get that ball rolling and underway. I did manage to pull out all the fiberglass and plastic, both upstairs and down, before surgery, so that it can dry out a bit, and the roof patch seems to be holding – no sign of damp yet after a day and half of steady rain.

I want it all well in place before I get knocked back again – it’s hard enough to manage when everything else is going smoothly; I can’t see it being easier coming from Chemoland.

So, onward! And am I not a rockstar?!?

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4 Responses to Hey now, I’m a rockstar!

  1. Cheryl says:

    You ARE, but for criminy’s sake, let us help you with those dang repairs, huh?

  2. dropjohn says:

    O, I’m planning on it! I’m not going to have any fun with demolition *this* summer… *sniff*. I may be having a demolition party later on, though… I would so come to one of those! Crowbars and destruction? I’m *there*!

    Just not right now – wouldn’t be prudent in the least. And I’d get yelled at, and rightly so.

    Still, I need to get the stuff I can do done – paperwork set up for CEDO (roof); and then quotes on the other repairs for the insurance; and try to line up the rest of the stuff (siding, attic insulation) that I want – and if I can do it before I get knocked back again, that would be bestest.

  3. Beverly says:

    SUCH a rockstar, you are. And a hell of a writer as well, I might add–but no surprises there. Your blog is wonderful, and it is thrilling to read how much better you’re feeling. May it continue in that trend, whatever the various dips and peaks along the way, which come with treatment. You are beloved, Meg.

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