Questions, questions

Day 10, post-op:

Still a fair  amount of pain/discomfort in left arm, particularly on the inner/underside of my left arm – the very skin seems hypersensitive and painful to touch – and I’ve definitely entered the restless, ‘I want to do it but I can’t quite‘, antsy and tired stage of recovery.

‘I wan tu go I wan tu stay.  I wan tu dark I want tu lyt I wan tu day I wan tu nyt.  I want tu plus I want tu minus I wan tu big I wan tu littl I wan tu aul I wan tu nuthing.’*

Meanwhile, I have my upcoming appointments on Tuesday with my oncologist and surgeon (Dr.s Khan & Harlow, respectively), and I’ve been working on the usual question/information list.

Here’s the draft – please, if you have any feedback, or see something I’m forgetting, let me know.

Questions re: pathology report/chemotherapy

Type of cancer: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

ER positive? 60%

PR positive? 40%

HER 2 positive? No

Cell dif.                       1 -3                  (1? “Well”)

Mitotic                        1-3                   1

Cell Nuclei                  1-3                   2

Tumor stage – T1c

Cancer Stage – 1?

Considered aggressive?

Considered ‘interval’ cancer?

Other tests – Oncotype?

Persistence of seroma? Associated pain in left arm?

Things I can do to alleviate this? (ie, exercise, rest, heat, cold, etc)

Resuming vitamins? Medications/Supplements to avoid?

Thermal Imaging? Other imaging options?– opinion of

Likelihood of recurrence:

With chemotherapy, radiation, adjuvant therapy:

With radiation and adjuvant therapy:

Likely time span of treatment & recovery

Written treatment plan – for dealing with plane tickets


If not recommended, why not?

If recommended:

Time span – frequency & duration of treatment?

CMF regimen (cyclophosphamide, methotrexate, & fluorouracil)?


Clinical trials?


Adjuvant therapy with SERM (tamoxifen, eg)? Other possibilities?

* quote (slightly altered) from Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban

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