Invisible Zit

Although ‘Invisible Zit’ would be a great post punk band name, it’s not. At least as far as I know. Instead, it’s the latest nerve pain symptom – you know when you have a really big nasty deep zit that hasn’t come to a head yet, but you can feel it, it’s horrible and painful and really hurts like a mofu if you hit the area by accident? And usually the whole area swells and reddens, and you cannot wait until it gets to the point where you can pop the bastard thing,  and finally release the pressure and the pain, but you have to wait because you *can’t* pop it yet, it’s not at that point and until it gets to that point it will just keep getting worse, and you’ll try once or twice because it hurts so bad but it’ll all be futile and just mess the whole thing up further?

Well, if you’d ever had one of those, you’d know exactly what I was talking about. I’ve got an invisible zit just like that on my left scapula, invisible because in this case it’s simply not there. I looked, I had my fearless housemate Debbie look, there’s nothing. Zip. Nada. Votch me ban chika.

Except the pain. Or in medical speak “discomfort” – true, I’m not running for the high density pain pills yet; it’s all very manageable, but it’s something beyond “discomfort”, IMHO. “Discomfort” is a slightly itchy sweater. It’s wet socks, or underwear that doesn’t quite fit properly. It’s the stupid 24/7 bra – it doesn’t hurt, but it’s irritating as hell.

This kinda goes beyond that, even if it’s not actual full fledged “pain” – it hurts. There’s a need for an in-between term, and “discomfort” just doesn’t cut it for me. Any suggestions?


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