Still waiting…

Results from Oncotype were supposed to take 10 to 14 days; Friday was a good full ten working days (the request was sent out May 25th but what with weekends and holidays, it all adds up).

Sooner would be better – this waiting is a form of torture, in truth it is. I want to be able to plan ahead, I want to know what’s coming next.

On the good news, the pain along with the cording is slowly diminishing. Still sensitive, by all means, but nowhere near as tender as it was… and I’ve dropped the 24/7 bra regime (much more comfortable) and icepacks at night. The scars left from the biopsies and the incision are smoothing out a bit (I’m using ScarAway to help in that process), and everything is looking more normal, less distorted, which is Good. Either that or I’m just becoming more accustomed to the distortions – truthfully, either way is good.

There’s an easily palpable mass of scar tissue *below* the incision – I’m not sure if this will smooth out more in time or not – and the scar itself is raised somewhat; the flesh around it slightly sunken. Most unexpected change is a depressed line on the outer upper quadrant of my breast – I’m guessing it was a lymphatic channel, either a normal one or one that was inflamed by the surgical procedures and is now subsuming, and I’m guessing that mark will fade. The seroma is still there, a hard little knot in my armpit, fairly small and not terribly sensitive except to a certain type of direct pressure – that hurts like a bugger.

I can do most everything for myself – all the daily tasks of living, including lawn mowing,  if not the big construction jobs yet. Easily tired, to be sure, and I’m being extra careful with my left arm, but Much Improved.

I did realize over the weekend that there’s simply no way I’ll be able to make it to Scotland in time for Belladrum – even if I got good results from the Oncotype, and they started radiation immediately, it would still be a good six weeks of treatment, which would put me into the first week of August.

The results aren’t back yet; they’re not going to start radiation immediately (there’s set-up and tattooing and scheduling and all to be done first); I’m not making Belladrum. And there was a weeping and a wailing and a gnashing of teeth – and I called the airline and cancelled my tickets and someday soon when I have a treatment plan, I’ll call the travel insurance folks and see what of my hard earned cash I can get back. I’m still going to Scotland, mind, there’s no two ways about *that*… it’ll just be a question of when.

Still, it was awfully sad making.





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