Tell me *why* (I don’t like Mondays)

Monday the 20th, starting at 8:i5 am, there’s a chair waiting for me in the chemo lounge… I could get better than half way to Scotland in the time it will take –  the seating would be a bit more cramped on the plane but the destination would be better.

Neulasta shot the following day to boost white cell production; repeat in three week cycles four times. I can expect to start losing my hair by the end of the first cycle, before the second treatment, about three to four weeks left of beautiful blue.

Then a three week break or so (depending on how I do) and onto six weeks of radiation.

Tell me *why* I don’t like Mondays.


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4 Responses to Tell me *why* (I don’t like Mondays)

  1. Damn you’ve got a crappy Monday coming up. I’ve sat with people having chemo – take a friend. Or have a couple come in shifts. Makes it that much more bearable.


  2. dropjohn says:

    I’m not allowed to drive myself, so there will be company for my crankiness.

  3. Thierry says:

    The Boomtown Rats version is my prefered.
    Sweet kisses lady

  4. dropjohn says:

    Honestly, Theirry, I kinda agree – I’ve had the original as an earworm the last two days.

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