double flush good

“Your body fluids (urine, stool, and vomit) will contain active chemotherapy ingredients for 2-3 days following your treatments. Please take precautions to ensure members of your family are not exposed to these fluids. Please double flush the toilet at home for the first few days after your treatment to decrease the chance of your family being exposed.

Ah, the advantages to living alone!

The toxic waste is one thing, the effects of all this on my pretty pink cerebellum is another altogether; I do like my brain so, it’s been such a lovely toy to play with, and chemotherapy will change that. Some of the changes may be permanent, and I may not realize or recognize what has changed…

Both chemotherapy and tamoxifen appear to have effects on cognitive functioning, in particular on executive function, memory, and language centers, with physical and measurable changes in the brain. These effects have generally not been closely studied in the past – I can’t find any long term studies with large enough groups to generate reliable data – although cognitive impairment is a recognized  side effect of these regimes.

“Eusa sed, I no I dun wut I dun & I wish I hadn but Im thru with aul that now I just wan tu liv qwyet. The Littl Man sed, Eusa yu ain thru with aul that yur onle jus beginin. Yuv got aul thay Master Chaynjis in frun uv yu. Yuv got them aul to go thru.”

Get the comfy chair!

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