Add It Up

Three months of chemo (July August into September); recovery (rest of September); six weeks radiation (October; half or more of November).

Yes, it’s really going to be that long.




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4 Responses to Add It Up

  1. Marlene Bryant-Wallace says:

    Yep, it is that long….remember??? Load up with books, DVD’s, small bites (bits?) of good food that you like, and remember – eventually short stories and half-hour series work best; the old attention span tends to shorten (but it’s really nice to sleep – really!). Never mind, love, it may be much easier for you – let’s hope so, anyway!

  2. mspachy says:

    Every day is one more day closer to the end. Having my third this Thursday. Just remember…when you feel terrible and it feels like it’ll never end…it will. It’s like a roller-coaster, up and down and up again. I’m in an up phase yay me. With your attitude I have a feeling you’ll do very very well. Drink lot’s of water the day before and of chemo, I mean lot’s. Have a high fiber meal before and bring something to eat to chemo. Eating is important so bring lots of things you like as your tastes will change. Have some gloves at home for doing things you would normally do and then just wash your need to be careful of germs. Oh and the shot tends to make your bones ache, so just be prepared…I thought I was having heart problems and it was just my sternum aching after the shot.

    (Bald is beautiful!)

  3. dropjohn says:

    drank three liters yesterday, not counting coffee.

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