Stealing time

I can chase the pain with Tylenol or Aleve, get it down to a dull roar and steal some time back, but I can’t take enough to really do the job without exceeding the daily maximum dosage. I’m trying to stay away from the heavier drugs for now… they have their own lists of effects I’d like to avoid.

Either I’m a much bigger wuss than I ever thought, or it’s hitting me harder – there’s no way I could go to work on this, I don’t see how anyone can. Everything hurts. I dragged myself out yesterday for an hour and half ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ meeting (which will be dissected at a later date, when I’m not racing the pain clock), and it was a Very Bad Idea Indeed.

My legs hurt constantly, from the hips to the toes; my scalp hurts; my arms hurt, my chest. A world of pain… hot showers help, but I can’t live there; it’s enough that I can’t think clearly, I don’t want to eat – not because of nausea, or off taste (though that’s there), but because too much energy is simply going to maintaining. It’s mid level pain, it’s steady, it’s constant, it’s draining; it changes enough so you can’t get used to it.

I started stealing time from it last night, when I realized – rather belatedly, and in the shower with the water washing the worst off me – that I could try Tylenol, and I did and Β it worked, and when it wore off and I woke again, I popped two more, and then two more in the wee early hours, and then there I was half done my dose for the day.

So, now I’m trying Aleve, to see if it will last longer, steal me a bit more time back. Aside from the pain and exhaustion, the flat ‘off’ taste of things, it’s no so bad… no great nausea, but a heightened sensitivity to smells and sounds and touch.

I’m still hoping it will pass quickly.



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3 Responses to Stealing time

  1. Cheryl says:

    Meg, I just read this post (catching up)… have you consulted with your docs about a combination, i.e. tylenol plus ibuprofen? Or at the very least alternating. Alternating can decrease chances that your body will acclimate (sp?) and no longer respond to a drug.

    In any event, I used tylenol plus ibuprofen as I eased off stronger painkillers after all three of my C-sections. I found this to be safe and very effective. I wish I could do something to take this pain away for you!

    Please eat. What delicacy can I bring you? I know it tastes different, but maybe there Something Most Delicious that you would love under any circumstances? I would love to make something for you. πŸ™‚

  2. dropjohn says:

    Aw, Cheryl! Sweet you are – I’m actually doing ever so much better now, mostly chest pain (breastbone being one if the main factories) and eating like a champ. Next round, you’re on, though! I’m starting to get very tender mouthed, and will probably want softer gentler foods by then. Little easy to eat portions seem to work best during the dog days.

    I’ll be putting an announcement out on lotsahelpinghands site soonish, assuming all else stays the same with the next round.

  3. dropjohn says:

    O, and they’re thinking of giving me Vicodin for the next round, or changing the Neulasta to something else…. no determination as of yet.

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