One Size Does NOT Fit All

I went in today for a follow-up questionnaire for the study I’m enrolled in and a blood draw for a Complete Blood Count (CBC); I brought my colored pencils to shade in the areas of my body in which I’d felt pain on the little male outline that was supposed to represent my body – and I did a fine job, too, IMHO; I circled the answers that were most appropriate on the rest of the paperwork; and I had my blood drawn.

My white blood cell counts are at 50.47 (normal range 4.0-12.4) – lymphocytes at 3.0 (normal range 15.0-46.8), neutrophils 23.22 (2.2-8.85), and monocytes 3.53 (0.1-0.8  normal range).  My oncology nurse said she’d never seen counts so high.

That would explain my reality then.

Neulasta shots are given in “one size fits all” doses… and one size clearly does NOT fit all. In my case, it’s too much – my bone marrow goes into overdrive, the factory workers grumble and moan and threaten to unionize and make sure sure sure I *know* they’re unhappy, and I spend three days lying in bed and moaning a bit myself. I’m still a bit tender around the edges, truth be told, but it’s much better.

The people the Neulasta dose fits don’t get the three day torture tour, nor the fatigue that engenders (though there’s still the chemo fatigue, of course) – and they can get on with their lives much better.

I’m NOT a wuss, after all! I’m invincible!

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