Keep Calm and Carry On

File under ‘mustn’t grumble‘:

My little seroma has almost disappeared, along with the cording. The hives are well under control, the bone pain has dropped way back, I’ve lost the bras (thank gods! bloody awful things, so they are) and am back to wearing my normal t-shirts, and, aside from extreme fatigue and some loss of co-ordination/balance (both probably temporary), I’m pretty much doing quite as well as can be expected.

All of the hullabaloo over chemo has also taken my mind right off my bodily mutilation, and the incision has continued to heal apace (I’m using ScarAway during the day and vitamin E at night to give it the very best chance of healing smoothly). Just a glancing blow from Cupid’s arrow; nothing to see here, folks.

And people! People have been amazing – I am so lucky in my friends, housemates, and neighbors, it boggles the mind. Ever so grateful for VHAP, as always –  I just found out that “one 6 mg Neulasta injection will cost between $3,000 and $9,000, depending on the supplier.” Roll on, socialist medicine!

All this and coffee too.

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