Bye Bye Bangs

I had been planning on waiting until Tuesday for my tonsure, just before my wig fitting, but this morning shower convinced me I really didn’t have the time. My fingers tangled with fallen hair.

Out with the scissors; off with the bangs.

I feel all naked like.

What were those twelve steps to beauty again?

The day after: Interestingly enough, my hair/scalp started to hurt as of today, in that running my hand over my head is now painful as the hair changes direction. Also, my fingernails feel extra sensitive to pressure and touch as well – it’d be nice  NOT to lose them as well, really it would.


P.S. In compensation, I bought myself a roku box – anyone else see a trend here? Chemotherapy= flatscreen TV; hair loss = roku box.

Things, I want more things! *L*

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