And off it goes!

Today, the exodus began in earnest… my hair falling like autumn leaves. Wanting to avoid that molting mangy look, I decided it was time to take it OFF. So, Tessa – o intrepid hairdresser! –  came over and helped me shave it down to 1/8″. This was the first, shortlived, style:

short lived hairstyleAmusing as it was, it really looked best from the back, so she continued clipping. And the final result:

I figure I’ve got about a week or so of this, before it all goes. That should give me enough time to dye my brave young Republican wig to a more suitable shade, right?

Meanwhile, a special tip of the nib to Davis Te Selle*, who very graciously gifted me with this framed print:

“As she huddled on her log, she shivered because she was wet and cold, and also because she was afraid. She watched and waited, for that was all she could do…. She was capable of patience, I think, but now she was simply doing nothing, which was all there was to do.”

from his lovely illustrations from Wendell Barry’s ‘Whitefoot’. ( .

I put it up in my bedroom, where I can see it during the times when I feel just like *that*, and there’s nothing to do but endure, knowing that this too shall pass.

And so it shall.

* Davis also gave me an additional pair of botanical prints that he said had my name on them…  I was a bit nonplussed when I first realized they were of  Urtica dioica*, but decided to take it as a compliment. I’m *sure* he meant it that way.

* this bit is an utter fabrication – I couldn’t resist the opportunity to mock myself. They’re irises, root and flower.

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