heads up!

Just after my last chemo (and before the Neulasta shot) I shaved my head – I was tired of the little 1/8″ bits of hair falling constantly onto my face and into my eyes… and it’s also possible the steroids *might* have had something to do with my decision.

Here’s what I’ve learned from the experience:

a) Shaving your own head the first time is harder than you’d think – it’s way easy to miss bits in the back and over the curve of skull, by the ears, and all the rest. It took some serious time, and several mirror checks before it was at all close to being properly done.

b) Losing your hair places a lot more emphasis on your *face*, and that’s not always a Good Thing – any little imperfections (or any large ones) just leap right out at you. Since I grew up in the era before sunscreen, there’s also a nice high water mark of sun damage right up to where my hairline *was*. And blemishes – tell me when adolescence  is supposed to end exactly?!?

c) If you wear glasses, shaving your head may cause you to reconsider the shape of your eyeglass frames – what looked good with hair will not be quite the same without it.

Other than those few petty concerns – nothing a quart or two of body makeup can’t cover! – I can totally rock the bald look.Bet you could, too. Really, this is the least scary part of the whole thing, this is nothing to be afraid of. The neuropathy I’m not too happy about, the thrush is a drag – this is nothing but an opportunity for costume and theatre.

I’ve ordered temporary tattoos, and am seriously considering spirit gum and elf ears – you can’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out of it alive.

Besides, it’s all lovely and cool in the summer heat.

P.S. Much harder than going bald is losing my nose hair, which I hadn’t really considered…. the little buggers are there for a reason.  Without them acting as road bumps, snot just sort of slides on out – quel horror!

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3 Responses to heads up!

  1. Billy Bob Merkin says:

    A cute and acutely cuddle cranium.

  2. dropjohn says:

    bit stubbly yet for cuddling… give it another few weeks.


  3. Welcome to the cult. I always knew you’d join us one of these days – I believe I encouraged you to adopt this look long ago, in the pre-diagnosis days.

    As to temporary tattoos, I’ve always been a fan of the 8-ball myself.

    I’ll post a couple of tips on shaving techniques later.


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