Last week’s Roll of Awesomeness includes:

Mom, who did the chemo lounge stint a second time (with all that entails), checked in on me during the days after, and hired help so that the greenbelt gardens don’t get utterly overgrown. Thanks, Mom!

My very best housemates ever; Allison, Debbie, and Morgan; who brought me food and amusements, went and got medication, provided company, took out my recycling, and checked in on me regularly during the bad days. And Allison doesn’t even live here anymore!

Becky, who brought me food and company and commiseration once again.

Dot, who picked up my prescription and brought it to me on very short notice – and again, provided company. It’s a valuable thing, so it is.

Ron, who brought me a medicine spoon for above mentioned med’cine, lovely stuff that it is – and again, company.

Nellie and Wes, who got the cables and switches I needed to hook up my TV addiction, as well as providing food (yummy kale!), water, shopping assistance, and dealing with the laundry.

Micheal, who mowed the lawn once again in the midst of the heat – and in the midst of family visits.

Beth & Colleen, who came all the way from Minnesota just to stroke my stubbly head.

William and Matt and James, who send me packages… and the person in the Pitts for the Amazon gift card (Roku! Elf ears! wheeeeeeeeeeeee!)

And all the rest of you, who are helping me through this firewalk… you are my heroes, all of you.


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2 Responses to Heroes

  1. Billy Bob Merkin says:

    No disrespect to those mentioned but I think we know who the real hero is.

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