3 More Days

And it’s back to the comfy chair. The advantage of this getting sick on schedule is that I’m able to plan; the disadvantage is that I’m keenly aware of just how limited my time is for everything I  have to do. I’m not yet fully recovered from the last round; I’m still easily tired, very limited stamina and strength. If I don’t get it done in the next three days, it’s not happening for the next two weeks.

Now, normally I’m an indifferent housekeeper at best – I know *how* to clean, but I really can’t be arsed unless the dustbunnies are actually biting at my ankles; I’m tolerant of a fair degree of chaos and clutter.  It’s homey, and a little dirt never killed anyone, right? These days, I’m on a strict three week schedule, like it or not.

It’s a bit like preparing to go on vacation – there’s the house to get into order, so it’s reasonably clean on return; the lawn to mow; clean sheets on the bed and clean towels on the rack; all the loose ends to tidy up before taking off.

Right now I’m dealing with the ongoing damage repairs from last winter’s ice dam. The roofs are fixed, at long last (thanks CEDO!); I’ve caulked and repainted the back hall and bedroom that were affected by the back shed roof leak; and what’s left is the major work on the west side of the building where we’re still dealing with that rustic exposed beam look, and you can see the driveway from my tenants’ living room. By looking through the floor. Basically, that wall (that load bearing wall, I might add) is currently resting on dust and air.

Repairing that is going to involve jacking up the house from the cellar; supporting the second story with braces extending into the driveway; removing the sad remains of the beam; repairing the foundation; replacing the beam (and sill plate); putting the house back down and tying the whole thing together again so it’s solid. Then the interior repairs – insulation, sheetrock, taping and mudding, trim, etc.

And that’s best case scenario, assuming no “surprises”. Fingers crossed, boys and girls, fingers crossed.

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