Ray-dee-a-shun, yes indeed





Tuesday I got my tattoos – only three in my case, one centered on my breastbone, one on either flank – and another sheaf of handouts on the process: what to wear, what not to, what to eat, what not to, etcetera, etcetera ad nauseum. I’ll be going for 36 treatments – a bit over seven weeks, with weekends off for good behavior. If I’ve counted it up right, and if there aren’t any glitches or holidays in there, I should be finished up on Halloween. If not then, early November.

I’m finding the whole thing a bit depressing and dispiriting at this point.

You can find me in my usual wallow by the Statue of Corrupted Endeavor, near the Stinking Swamp of Self Pity. Bring me chocolates and prepared foods.  Pat my head and say ‘poor lil’ bunny’. Forecast is for heavy whinge; wellies and foul weather gear are advised.


with many thanks to Debbie Krug, who brought this cartoon to my attention. Original here:



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