End of Phase Two!

Yup, the very last of the second of the Holy Trifecta is behind me, hopefully for once and all; chemotherapy yesterday, Neulasta shot today, and onto to radiation on the 12th.

Slash, Poison, Burn – two down, one to go. Huzzah!

I had a henna party to celebrate, a true cadavre exquis experiment – not as well organized as my Farewell to the Lump Party, but we still had fun, and I ended up with very interesting markings on my empty skull. It was an ongoing process….

and the end results definitely interesting and artistic, if not exactly glamorous (unlike my usual style, eh?). Thanks to all who came out and played! Alison B, Debbie, Colleen, Reb, Matt C, Krista, Allison C, Mom, Becky, and anyone else I may have forgotten. I’m blaming any slips  on chemo brain, natch…

I’ve lost pretty much all of my body hair by now – aside from eyelashes, eyebrows, and arm hair, I’m bald as an egg. I know people pay good money for this look, but I’ve yet to figure out exactly why – for me, it’s not best comfy. Not the end of the world, by any means, nothing to write home about, just another wee irritation. Hey, at least I shouldn’t get the dreaded “itchies” when it comes back, since it’ll all be new growth – bonus!

I may lose the last few follicles during this last round, but it will start to grow back in a couple of months – all except my left armpit which will get hit by radiation. The hair is likely to grow back somewhat differently (color and texture) and possibly unevenly at first, and then resume it’s normal holding pattern… if I’m very very lucky it might come in indigo or emerald, but I’ve been told not to expect that.

This I can live with. None of this is that terrible, though wearing enough, and I’ll be glad to see the back of it. I’m hoping radiation will be easier and that my left arm won’t be too badly affected… though I’m definitely expecting some fallout.

Construction on the house – repairing last winter’s ice damage – is due to start Wednesday, and I’ve been waiting long enough for that (along with my poor tenants) that I want it started sooner rather than later.

Life goes on, and thank gods not *all* of it is about being in treatment for cancer…  it’ll be incredibly lovely when this is no longer the main focus of my life.

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