10 down, 26 to go

After ten treatments, this is what I look like, PG version:

September 24th

Being who I am, I’ve been relentlessly self documenting on a day by day basis – the pictures are a bit sloppier than I’d like (ideally I’d have the same position and lighting each time, but it’s amateur hour all the way here). You can clearly see the top edge of the treatment field here – it’s a pretty distinct line and it’ll become even more so over the course of treatment. Besides the redness, the entire area and breast are also slightly swollen and puffy – not enough so I’d notice it normally, but it’s apparent in the photos. Three times daily, I baste myself with Natural Care gel (shades of ‘it rubs the lotion on its skin‘); five times a week I am lightly broiled. In the morning, after my shower and before the ‘it rubs the lotion on its skin‘ routine, I take a photo.

It’s a life of sorts.

Pain and discomfort aren’t bad as of yet – I’ve given up my lovely black tank tops for the duration, along with anything else at all close fitting and am sticking to loose clothes only; the shoulder part of seat belts is getting pretty uncomfy; and I try to keep some air space between my arm and my side whenever possible. Luckily enough, I don’t have to worry about bras – I think those would be sheer torture.

Energy wise, I can’t see any difference at this point- I’m loitering by the Statue of Corrupted Endeavor on a regular basis, by all means, but I’m pretty sure that’s just my inherent inertia coming to the front, much as I’d like to place the blame elsewhere. The house has turned into such a tip between the very-early-spring-through-summer-and-into-fall long renovations and my illness spanning more or less the same amount of time – everything from furniture onwards piled up in corners and not-in-its-place – and I have so very much left to do (inside, outside, and in my lady’s chambers), but in order to do anything I need to first create *more* chaos in an already unbearable chaotic reality.

It makes it very hard to focus at times.

Be that as it may, the only way I’m going to achieve any sort of eventual order is to dive in and embrace the chaos now – and off I go to do just that. Today’s task: start prepping and priming the brand new walls in the living room. If I’m very very good, I’ll be ready to move the couch and work on the section behind it by the end of the week. Huzzah! Progress!

Or I could just faff around here a bit longer….

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