Hare today, goon tomorrow

One of the things I did for my birthday was shave my head, hoping it would be for the last time – I had some stubble, but it was pretty sparse, not at all the velvety nap it would normally be. Some hair had survived the great Die Off – say, 1 in every 40 or 50? – and some had started to regrow, but I was still losing hair as well, so best to start with a clean slate.

I’m guessing my hair will likely come in much the way it went out… not all at once but gradually, slowly filling back in. From what I’ve been reading online, this may take a while. As in months.

*sigh* For some arcane reason, I kinda thought it would be faster.

Hats don’t fit properly when you have no hair, btw – they tend to bunch up funny at top, and be a bit overlong everywhere else. I do have the buffs, but they’re a wee bit thin for colder weather… I have a feeling it’s it’s going to be a long cold fall.

Or I suppose I could reconsider the wig, now that I’ve had the chance to alter it a *titch*.

Or maybe NOT, eh? Still a bit too ‘Young Republican’ for me, I fear…. though if I could sculpt some of that top fluff into horns, it might work. Bring on the hair gel!

Or back to the buffs.

*For the record, I lost most of the hair on my head during chemo, as well as my nasal hair, but so far have kept my eyebrows and eyelashes, albeit in a slightly reduced form. My armpit hair, my pubic hair, and most of my leg hair are also AWOL – but, weirdly enough, my arm hair survived pretty well. 

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