Patient Fatigue

This is akin to ‘donor fatigue’, rather than radiation fatigue: I’m burnt out on the whole “cancer patient” gig. It’s not even the daily doses of radiation, or the trips to Physical Therapy, or any of that – though that’s in there too – it’s the rest of it.

I’m tired of dealing with  it; I’m tired of talking about it; I’m tired of thinking about it; and I’m tired of listening to myself talk about it. It’s so last spring… quel bore!

Still, it goes on.

The lymphedema sleeves don’t fit – they’re either too tight or too loose. The larger slides off, the smaller is hideously uncomfortable to the point of pain and aggravates the problem. I’ll be talking to my PT person tomorrow about that, but I am Not Best Pleased.

I have nerve entanglement with the cording. Wheeee.

Radiation fatigue has set in, and my skin is now “reactive” – I think it’s a polite term for “well scalded”, which is how it looks. A bit over two weeks to go, the last ten days of which will be the ‘boost’ sessions.

I’ve developed a slight ‘radiation cough’ as well – just irritating. Though I do find it mildly amusing that I probably *am* actually coughing up bits of my lung.

I’m also going through “chemopause” – the chemotherapy seems to have fried my ovaries nicely. No big deal, since I’m doing my bit for zero population growth anyway – or it wouldn’t be if it weren’t for the daily dozen mini hot flashes. Not horrible, by any means; just an added irritation to an already irritated self.

On the whole, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.

On the other topics, I’m almost done with painting my living room, thank ye gods and little fishes; I have almost fifteen hundred bulbs to plant; I got a pallet of stone and brick from Recycle North way cheap; and I built this great arbor for my bittersweet out of rebar last week.

and I’m still going to Scotland.

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