Two more weeks

Two more weeks to burn, and I’ll be done, I’ll be well done – they’re squeezing my ‘boost’ sessions into 9 days, so I’ll be finishing up on the 28th instead of on Halloween. Dunno if that’s better or worse, and there’s nothing to do but walk through it anyway – firewalk with me.

My skin is highly ‘reactive’ by now – it looks like a good scald burn to me, red and mottled and peeling in spots, most definitely Not A Pretty Sight. I’ve been upped to a steroid ointment for the thrice daily basting, bringing the heavy guns to the battle. That’s just about as pleasant as it sounds – like all the rest of it, it’s horrible and it works and it has its own set of problems.

I’ll be glad to have it done with.

For the nonce, and hopefully forever.

O, due to the change in schedule, I’m now three quarters of the way through radiation treatment. Raise a glass, boys and girls, to the long gone lump and may its like never trouble me again!



This is what three quarters through looks like on me – the radiated field extends half way around my side, and to just under my breast. Those two edges are the tenderest, with the skin beginning to peel off in dirty shreds from the armpit area*. The scar has also darkened considerably with radiation – I’m hoping that changes once this is over.

As I said, Not A Pretty Sight.


* I was informed the other day that I may never have to worry about shaving that armpit again. O joy. What they don’t know is that I didn’t generally worry about shaving it before, and if the hair never grows back I’ll now have to worry about keeping the right side shaved so as to be symmetrical. I’m not seeing the “up” side here.

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4 Responses to Two more weeks

  1. Ouch! I recognize that eerie red glow…but you are almost done!!!! Now, an armpit comment – I made no bones of hating being half Latvian washer woman when I could not shave during radiation, and one month and four days out of radiation I can tell you it’s very weird but the hair is not growing very much – also will note when it comes to hair NOT on the top of my head, I have never been VHW (very hairy woman) to begin with. My scar underneath my arm where they extracted the lymph nodes has flattened out and is pretty much a smooth line – like someone drew on me with a magic marker. It’s dark, yes, but not freakily so. And the radiation tats look like someone let loose with a Bic pen.

    Hang in there!! You are almost at the end – but don’t make the mistake I did of thinking I was going right back to normal after I finished radiation. If you can take some time for yourself to just be when you finish, do it.

    Hugs pal

  2. dropjohn says:

    No shaving or waxing *anywhere*.

    O, pre-warning – when you lose your nose hair, snot slides right out. There’s *nothing* you can do. about it.

    Also, I think it’s likely we suffer some hearing loss during (and after) chemo from damage to hair cells, though I’ve never heard this mentioned.

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