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Test results

I’m –  according to test results – post menopausal.  Menopause on the express plan – start to finish, less than four months. My estradiol levels are at 20; my FSH (follicle stimulating hormones) are at 91. I won’t be officially … Continue reading

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You bet your life.

And you do, every day. Everyone does, every day, in a thousand smaller or larger ways; roll those dice and watch them fall. Kiss it up to Jesus, thank your lares and penates, ye gods and little fishes, and do … Continue reading

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The troubles with Tamoxifen

I went to my followup visit the other day with my oncologist the other day, and she once again recommended starting tamoxifen. It is the standard of care for ER/PR positive cancers (my tumor scored 60/40); it reduces recurrence rates … Continue reading

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The “new normal”

This  seems to be one of the current buzz phrases around adjusting to one’s life after cancer and, while it may be accurate, it’s a phrase I hate: “the new normal“. I think the reason I hate it is that … Continue reading

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