Pillar to Post

And back again.

Lovely though Dr. Everett (the onco/gyno) was, she was NOT the right doctor for me and my delicate condition- and so I’ve been passed down the line. Onward to the endocrinologist and naturopath!

It’s a less than optimum result.

The latest aggravating symptom is continual cotton mouth: my tongue feels strangely burnt, my lips perpetually chapped, I’m continually *parched*, and I’ve developed that odd hiss and clack when I speak, as most ancient folk do. I can feel the dryness in my nasal passages and in the back of my throat as well – a hairball of discontent I can’t spit out.

Yes, it’s all most attractive, and I’m looking and feeling my bestest. Which the ever so seasonable 80 degree* weather and mosquito bitten legs are aiding and abetting beautifully.

No worries, we’re expecting frost next week.

Pillar to post, boys and girls, pillar to post.

Upcoming appointments:

March 23rd @ 3:15  – Naturopath with five (5!) page intake form

April 5th @ 12:30 – Osteopath

Still waiting for the endocrinologist appointment.

*that’s 27 degrees C, for those across the Pond

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