The Patch – Take Two

In the midst of my little meltdown, I called the doctor’s office – and I’m now on the Vivelle Dot, a non generic, change twice a week patch. In contrast to the generic, it’s tiny (about half the size of a postage stamp) and clear – looking like nothing so much as a bit of tape stuck on my belly. Same dosage (.0375) – and while the doctors and the insurance wrangle over payment, I went to the website, downloaded a coupon for a month’s supply, and got a box of eight single stick doses yesterday.

Came home, cleared off the appropriate acreage, and slapped it on at once – the last generic  patch was on Day 5 and I was feeling most unhappy in body and mind (if not quite at the point of meltdown, rapidly approaching it).

It’s all very interesting, though it would be ever so much more so if I wasn’t the one going through it. The generic patch would give me close to immediate relief, I’d have at least one day of really feeling  myself again in body and mind, and then a rapid decline to the crash and burn; this has been a much slower and less dramatic journey so far. I don’t feel myself yet, body nor mind, but there’s a slow upward trend, and I hope to avoid the crash altogether.

It’s the exact same medication, the same delivery path, the same dose, neither patch ‘failed’ in terms of adhesion – and there’s a dramatic difference in my body’s reactions. Remembering that all patches work on a simple diffusion principle, my half assed guess is that I could (and did) absorb a larger dose faster from the larger area of the generic, granting me close to instant relief – and then I would burn through the available supply relatively quickly. Very American of me, I know – more more more until it’s all gone and the world falls apart. The *much* smaller surface area of the Vivelle doesn’t allow the same rapid uptake and rapid relief, and I’m hoping it’ll sustain a more constant level.

Well, it’s my theory, though it may all be just wind in sails… we’ll have to see how it all pans out. Same bat time, same bat channel, boys and girls…. stay tuned.


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