Not the droid I was looking for…

As it turned out, the Mirena was not the droid I was looking for and, as the weeks went on, this became abundantly clear. Besides the various unpleasant physical effects, the effects on mood and brain function were overwhelming – and rather than getting better over time, they continued to worsen and deepen. Apparently my body really doesn’t like progesterone, and is not shy about letting me know.

The five year plan shortened rather to just over four weeks – I called this morning, and they were able to squeeze me in (could have been that magic phrase ‘suicidal ideation‘ or could have been just lucky; at any rate, I’m supremely grateful), and yank my bionic buddy out. A short sharp pain, and then it was done.

I’m still feeling a bit raw in places I’d really rather not be, but mood-wise, there’s already a noticeable difference, and I’m expecting that to continue to improve and for the physical symptoms to diminish fairly rapidly as well. It is about the lowest systemic dose, so I have every hope of the effects dissipating more rapidly than the oral dose of progesterone.

Alas, the Mirena was my last great hope – if I can’t tolerate that low level dose of progesterone, and I can’t tolerate life without ERT (both of which seem to be true), then I’m left with the surgical option, which is major surgery, and is final (no backsies!), and has its whole other set of risks and benefits to consider.

I’m scheduled for February 27th.





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