Theatre of Dreams

I’m dreaming again.

This is part of what I mean when I say I now feel like a healthy person who’s had major surgery… “normally”, as in before this whole madcap cancer journey, I dreamt frequently and vividly, often several distinct  dreams per night, each in full color and SensaSurround. Sometime over the past two years, that slipped away – I didn’t really miss it, per se; it would have been like worrying about your beautiful paint set while your house was burning down around you, a smaller loss that gets lost in the general destruction. You forget that you ever had that paint set, you forget the beauty of it, the way it fit into your hand, the shining jewelbox of colors. The way you loved it, the ways it completed you.

And, then, by some miracle, your paint set is restored to you, seemingly intact; all the precious colours, the beautiful fine tipped and familiar brushes that fit your hand just so – it’s been waiting for you all along, and you remember suddenly how much you love it, how precious it is, how wonderful and rich a thing. Ah! old friend, how I have missed you…

The Theatre of Dreams, playing nightly. It is a glorious and wonderous thing.

Estrogen promotes REMS by reducing the time to the first REMS period and increasing the amount of REMS time.

“Understanding Sleep and Dreaming” – Moorcroft

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One Response to Theatre of Dreams

  1. Marlene says:

    Very glad that you’re dreaming again! Aren’t they interesting!!!

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