Scarification? You’re doing it *wrong*.



Yup, that’s it. Nine days after and I’ve two tiny cat scratches on either side and the worst ever case of bellybutton scruff. There’s a bit of swelling and bruising yet, but it’s pretty damn minimal. Soreness? Well, I’m not going winter camping just yet, or lifting anything much over 8 pounds, and my belly is definitely tender, but it’s not that bad.

All other body functions are going on in their usual way; my eye still *feels* a bit wonky and twingy, but I’ll assume it’s healing as well; and my main presenting symptom is fatigue – whoever knew simply staying upright would be so much work? Even passive media exhausts me… read and sleep, wake and eat, sit at the computer, do the dishes, and back to bed to read and sleep.

Having seen the video, I know there’s a fair amount of repair work going on behind the scenes – and it all takes a fair amount of energy. Well, really, it’s not as though I had anything better to do, right?


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