Not *quite* Ready for Prime Time

Three plus weeks after, and although I feel pretty well healed in general, breaking from the cat lifestyle – even for something as simple as dinner and a movie at a friend’s – results in slight soreness and an insta-puff belly the next day. It’s really the strangest thing, a little puffy water belly that goes away in a day or so, and a gentle reminder that I’m not quite ready for prime time after all.

Other than that, and the generalized fatigue, everything is going very smoothly indeed – still dreaming, still feeling better *overall* than before surgery, despite the fatigue and residual weakness. This too shall pass – eventually, though it may take six months to a year before enough healing takes place that the swelling on “over-exertion” stops.

I’m hoping it’ll be sooner, meself, but I’m prepared to invest in more yoga pants if need be – and it’s still a good trade-off in my books.

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2 Responses to Not *quite* Ready for Prime Time

  1. Marlene says:

    Good to hear, puffer-belly and all!

  2. Kath says:

    Hi just wanted to encourage you.

    Your writing is authentic and has a unique pacing. I find the process of healing to go hand in hand with teaching patience for ourselves and being humbled in our physical body (the benefits of which can positively reach into other aspects of daily living.)

    Here’s to your continued health and well being.


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