Five to Eight weeks after

I saw the doctor for my follow-up at 5 weeks, and she said I was ‘healing remarkably well’ and was henceforth cleared to lift heavy things and battle monsters. She also noted that my pathology report had come back showing some abby normal uterine cell growth (focal complex hyperplasia is the technical term; a possible pre-pre-cursuror to cancer), so it was just as well I’d had it out.

And all was well and all was well, and I resumed my life of cooking for myself, and doing my own laundry, and vacuuming my own house, and freeing all my varied and wonderful friends who had helped manage my reality. Still a bit easily fatigued, but generally doing amazingly well – until a few days ago, when I decided I was quite well enough to clean out next door’s amazingly overgrown garden. I spent two days pulling out a vast intertwined network of sapling roots (and the saplings as well), digging up the remaining garden plants as needed and replanting –  I got about halfway through it and I was *done*, and overdone at that.

Apparently, I’m not quite as far along in healing as I’d thought. I’ve spent the last two days resting, and I’m still very much feeling the error of my ways. Poor swollen sore belly! I’m back on the ‘light duties’ plan until it gets better.


this too shall pass. And I shan’t do that again*!


*wellllll, not right away, at least. 




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2 Responses to Five to Eight weeks after

  1. jeanetteblix says:

    I stumbled across your blog while doing a search on tamoxifin, which I have been taking for the past year and a half. Anyway, I read about your cancer journey and I was sadden to read all your troubles from chemo. I was feeling angry at your onc for not sharing with you all the true side effects from chemo etc. I hope you are feeling better these days. I would write more, but prefer to write you personally….if you wish to contact me, please do. I live in DC (I ready you had to cancel the cherry blossom trip). I was diagnosed stage 1, grade 2, IDC.

  2. R Howard says:

    I hope you’re okay, friend.

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